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Clear Braces by Invisalign® for Adults and Children

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Many of my patients are surprised to learn that you don't need to go to an orthodontist to receive the new clear or invisible invisalign braces to straighten your teeth. We've been providing invisalign for years now and have many happy patients with beautiful straight teeth to vouch for how easy it is.

Imagine straightening your teeth with clear aligners rather than the old style metal bands and brackets in your mouth. If you are a candidate for invisalign -Dr. Tsai can evaluate your teeth in just a few minutes- it is always an easy decision to start treatment.

How long does invisalign take?

invisalign typically takes 12-18 months to complete treatment. Once you receive your first set of aligners you will wear them 23 hours a day; only taking them off to eat, drink, brush, floss, and important events/meetings. Every two to four weeks you'll visit our office for your next set (or multiple sets) of aligners. When you get close to the end of your treatment we'll order a set of retainers. You'll wear your retainers for at least a couple of months all day. Once your teeth have stabilized you should wear your retainers nightly. This keeps your teeth in their new, straight position.

How much does invisalign cost?

Though every case is unique we charge $5,395 for a basic invisalign case and $6,000 for complex advanced cases. Most of the time cases fall into the $5,395 category. This includes your aligners, adjustments and delivery of the aligners, and one set of retainers. This does not include more complex movements/cases which we will evaluate during your consultation. It also doesn't include lost or damages aligners. So don't leave them on your lunch trays in the cafeteria...wink, wink.

Does dental insurance cover invisalign cost?

Absolutely. Dental Insurance usually covers as much as 50% of the total cost of invisalign. However, every dental insurance plan is different. Just call or e-mail our office to set up a consultation appointment. We will give you an insurance estimate of your copay after we make sure you’re a candidate for invisalign.

Here is a comprehensive video about treating your teeth and smile with invisalign.

Here is a brief invisalign video about how easy they are to put in, take out, and straighten your teeth:

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Dr. Sherry Tsai provides clear braces or orthodontics by invisalign for adults, children, kids and teens. We are near Millbrae, San Bruno, Burlingame, San Mateo and the Bay Area